Is it worth learning R? Are there any better alternatives I should learn?

R is worth studying because currently R has a large demand in the market. R is the most popular programming language used by data analysts and data scientists, R is for statistical analysis and it is free and open source, the R language is used in heavy projects.

Steps to study programming R: First Know about Programming R: Learning Programming R for Wise Operators is a good investment. R is used in real estate, genome analysis, paid advertising, finance, etc.

Download and set R: When you start working with programming R you need to download and install first.

Learn R Syntax: Many resources are available for studying R programming, you can learn through books, online, offline, articles, etc. R is like learning Spanish and Japanese. Learn Package R: Package R consists of a code that can be reused by other developers. Anyone can develop a R package and share with others. You only need to use the package for the function. So, R is very popular. Programming R has a large community to get help to learn about the workflow of data analysis: This contains data collection, data manipulation, data visualization finds new things that are interesting with R Wizard: R increases rapidly with great features and tools.

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