How should I start learning Python?

How should I start learning Python?

One of the things I found the most frustrating when I learned Python was how generic all learning resources were. It seemed that all learning resources wanted me to spend 2 long, boring, months on the Python syntax even before…

Python or PHP ?

Python Or PHP

I am working with PHP for a few years and I was very sad because PHP was my pain every day. After moving from PHP to Python more than 2 years ago I can say what I think about Python…

Should I learn Python or C++ ?

Python Or C++

If I compare the two languages ​​with cars, C ++ is like an old Porsche with stick change, manual crank and a hard, but uncomfortable suspension. While Python is a completely automatic family car with holder, seat heater and automatic…

Should I learn R or Python?

Should I learn python or R

Python and R have vast software ecosystems and communities, so one or the other language is suitable for almost all tasks of data science. That said, there are certain areas in which one is stronger than the other. Where Python…